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Originally, because I didn't have a working camera, this page used only photographs that had been supplied to me by the council. After that I bought a Jenptik JD11, which was a very cheap digital, and the pictures (most of those on this page and the next) needed to be enhanced by software, and some subjects could not be taken.

Now I have a new camera - again, it was fairly cheap, but the quality is infinitely better. It's a Fujifilm 2200, and as its name suggests, it has a 2.1 megapixel resolution. An example of the freedom it gives is the picture of Charles Square by night on the next page.

Perhaps, because it is a new town, Bracknell has a reputation for being a bit of a dump. Architecturally I wouldn't argue with that - although there are some well-designed areas. But in terms of living here a recent survey showed that the vast majority of people here really like Bracknell, and are generally satisfied with their housing, with the facilities and with the town itself. Not only that, we have an exceptionally low crime rate as well.
So all in all, it's not too bad a place to be.

Each of these images is less than 20k in size. But even so, the page will take a while to load, because there are quite a few of them.

Water sculpture outside The Bull Bracknell has three water sculptures, but only one of them is a fountain. The large ball floats on jets of water, and can be rotated in any direction with minimal pressure.
The building in the background is a pub - 'The Bull'.

Reflections in the ball

Time Square

This is where I spend quite a lot of time. The Housing, Social Services and Planning departments of the Borough Council in Market Street.

Entrance to Time Square

The post office is one of the few original buildings that were here before Bracknell became a New Town. In those days it fronted the High Street, which was about three feet higher than it is now. The sorting office is due for demolition, and there are plans for a large building containing an office, a pub and some residential development. The Post Office
This is the same view, photographed over a year later on 11th January, 2002. The framework of the new building is under construction. This site is under construction
It's taking a long time, but it's getting there ... This was the view on June 29th. It's a slow process ...
Here is the new building, pictured in March, 2007 Finally done
Sorting office site This is how the sorting office site looked on 5th January, 2002

Sorting office site a bit later ... and here it is, just about finished, in November 2002.

An up-to-date view of 'The Bull' and the office of the Town Council. The Bull and Crossways

Clock fountain Charles Square. The clock fountain also tells the time, if you can work out how to read it.

In the summer the fountain is inhabited always by children and sometimes by dogs

Christmas comes to Charles Square ...

Charles Square, Christmas 1994


Crown forest near the Look Out

The 'forest' in Bracknell Forest's name was originally part of the large Windsor Forest. Now it covers only about a fifth of the area of the borough.
These cyclists were caught in what was clearly a completely unposed shot, not far from Caesar's Camp, the site of an iron age settlement.

A vista for the traveller

Bracknell's shame ... This is the view that greets the visitor not long after he gets off the train. On the left, the bus station. Then Princess Square car park, and in the background Ocean House. Soon he plunges into one of Bracknell's many subways, and after that things start to improve.

A couple of views of Crossway. Bracknell town centre is completely pedestrianised.

Two views of ... the town centre at Crossway


The pedestrianisation means that the town centre is circled by the Inner Ring road, which is a constraint on development. The market, held on Friday and Saturdays, bursts out by running under the Inner Ring. The market and Inner Ring
A view inside the market A view inside the market, busy on a Friday afternoon.



Bracknell is a town of ...

The Red Lion against Eagle House

... contrasts!
This is another pub, The Red Lion.


Mill Pond looking romantic on a misty morning As the western side of Bracknell becomes ever more developed, Mill Pond remains an increasingly valuable asset.
It is currently the home of a new McDonald's eating-house. We had thought they had dropped their plans for a drive-thru, but at the time of writing they have put in a planning application.
Mill Pond on a misty morning, October 2001



This is somewhere else where I spend a great deal of time - the council offices in Town Square, opposite the police station and the magistrates courts.
A proposed new development of a massive retail, leisure and residential area would have completely covered this part of the town, but after a public inquiry the scheme has been rejected. Work is progressing on a new scheme.
Easthampstead House entrance


Bracknell is situated in the heart of Britain's Silicon Valley, so it is appropriate that the council should use the most state-of-the art transport. This is an example of the latest council vehicle - two horsepower, amazingly economical on petrol, and while it's not quite non-polluting, the service costs are very low.
Everybody in Bracknell knows the names of Bracken and Bramble - and those are the horses, incidentally, and not the drivers!

Bracken and Bramble

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