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Now I have a digital camera I will be adding pictures to this page (and the previous one) from time to time, so keep checking back. If the town centre development goes ahead I will be including 'before' and 'after' pictures.


The council offices This is the view of the council offices at the top of Broadway. To the right, hidden behind the trees, are the police station and the magistrates' court. This whole area and the whole Broadway in the other direction, would have vanished had the new town centre proposals been adopted. We will now have to consider other proposals for the improvement of this part of the town centre.

Boots' Opticians is housed in a whitewashed cottage anomalously placed in the middle of the town centre among all the 1960s-style buildings. Boots Opticians

The council chamber
This is a view of the council chamber. It's very utilitarian in Bracknell, unlike some other authorities. Generally in this part of the world you will find an oak-panelled chamber with leather seats and pictures of the Queen - but on the whole I think I prefer it like this.


St Michaels, Easthampstead St. Michael's Church, Easthampstead. This attractive church recently featured in the news because of plans to erect a mobile phone mast on the tower.
Bramble patiently puts up with being petted all day as he does his patrol of the town centre with Bracken, pulling the cart that waters the hanging baskets. When asked if he minded his nose being petted, he replied, "Neigh!"

Bracknell Beach


It's terrible the way the sand gets between your toes Bracknell Beach made its first appearance in 1999. In the summer of 2000 it was back again, better than ever.
Bracknell is pretty much as far as you can get from any beach in in this part of England. So every year we make our own.

There's as much sand as you could wish for ...

In 2000 we had a Caribbean theme.

... and if you want to get wet the clock fountain is nearby

A relaxing lunch break from work So what if the sea is sixty miles away? We can imagine, can't we?
After making sandcastles and having a nice stick of Bracknell rock, what could be better than a Punch and Judy show? That's the way to do it!


Some flowers ...

Crimson blooms outside Easthampstead House

In the planter outside Easthampstead House

Some flowers growing by the path

Someone has planted these next to the path on my way home.

This path looks nice, but it leads back to the bus and train stations

This pleasant path leads back to the horrors of the bus and train stations.

Not only do they look nice, they are comfortable to sit on!

Some new benches have been installed in Jubilee Gardens, and have been attracting people into this little-used facility. Designed by the artist Taslim Martin, they surround a sculpted object (the Egg) in the focal point of the gardens. The benches rest on curved terazzo supports.

The backless version of the benches


A shot of the Egg The Egg surrounded by autumn leaves


The shape of the Egg echoes the shape of the bench supports, and it is made out of the same material.
The Egg weighs over one-and-a-half tons


The artist, Taslim Martin, with the Egg
The Egg with its creator, Taslim Martin


One of Bracknell's oldest buildings This is Rest Harrow, a grade II listed building, part of which is said to date back to 1500. Believe it or not, this used to be a council house, but unfortunately dilapidation means that it can no longer be kept by the council, and has been sold off. It will probably end up with a new building in the grounds which will pay for renovations to the old one.

This is the pattern so often these days. We have to compromise buildings in order to preserve them. There should be some other way of doing things ...


Charles Square now has as its background the Grange Hotel in its refurbished building. This gives a very attractive nighttime aspect to the square. Charles Square by night


Gateway to Bracknell ...

... and here is an aerial view of part of the bus station with the railway station behind. The large black building used to be called 'Avis House', but I can't remember its current name. The station entrance is beneath it. Three buses are waiting in the bays, still a very rare sight these days, when so many of them are being cancelled. On the right is a group of buildings which include the old Market Inn, a pub which briefly became 'The Fruit and Firkin' and is now 'The Goose', a name which seems to have just as much relevance to Bracknell's history. Why can't the brewers stick with the original names? Do they really think giving a pub a silly or irrelevant name will attract customers? Evidently they do.

It would be impossible to present a selection of photos of Bracknell without including the one thing that the town is most famous for - the Met Office.
Sadly the building is now well out of date, and there are plans for relocation to Exeter. It's a great shame that the Met Office will not remain in the borough whose name has become synonymous with weather forecasting.
The Met Office by moonlight is a bit over the top - but there you go; it's a good way to finish!

The meteorological office by moonlight

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