Pictures of Bracknell

Sheet 3

The photographs are mounting up, and I've decided to start a new page for them.

This is an unusual view of the 3M building at the bottom of The Broadway. Because of the low sun on this January afternoon, a reflection of the polished cladding of a building opposite is projected onto the façade of Winchester House. This building was due for refurbishment, and was originally to be reclad. However, investigation showed that the fabric was not up to standard and now it is due to be demolished and rebuilt. Unusual lighting effect on Winchester House

Another view of Winchester House The market runs underneath this building, which dominates this part of Bracknell.


A dramatic view of The Grange Hotel in Charles Square.

A bit of software fiddling gives a dramatic lighting effect.


The entrance of South Hill Park This is the entrance of South Hill Park, Bracknell's magnificent arts centre.


This is the terrace at the back of the mansion, where people like to relax with a drink. The terrace at the back of the mansion


The back of the building, showing the Wilde theatre A view of the back of the mansion. On the right can be seen the modern theatre building. Of course, it is called the Wilde theatre - what else could it be? The grounds have been the scene of many fine festivals.


Recently a multi-million pound renovation was carried out and Humphrey Lyttleton performed on the stage of the Wilde theatre to celebrate the opening of the renovated building Humphrey Lyttleton and his musicians


A view of the new print shop. The print shop


The lake
Looking along South Lake towards the mansion grounds and the back of the Wilde theatre.


Inside the renovated Terrace Bar - a popular meeting place. The terrace bar


Some roses in Charles Square A view of some roses in Charles Square with the clock fountain in the background.

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